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Sarah Sinfield project

The State University of New York at Fredonia

Originally created by students in 396 Digital history class

Project goal:

The goal of this project was for a wide variety of people to learn about Sarah Sinfield and her contributions to the Western New York area. A second purpose for the project was for the citizens of this area and other areas she and her family influenced to know of her service to our armed forces. Many different audiences such as military personnel and veterans, historians, women, and lighthouse aficianados can learn a lot from this project and build on the original information given on this website.

What we learned:

As already stated, there is a lot to learn about Sarah Sinfield. Our group was made up of various different types of people such as people with experience with the military and people who are interested in becoming historians and future educators. All of these persons worked with each other to learn about Sarah and display this information for the public courtesy of Michelle Henry who provided the information for this project.

Struggles that were thought of:

The group was very nervous about the project at the start. Everyone was excited to create digital history, a website and learn about Sarah Sinfield’s life. Many of the tools for this website are complex and are time consuming to use and often do not work as expected when we practiced with them before we created the site.

Why Omeka?

We had several choices of where we could have had our site and what type of site we could have. One choice could have been WordPress, Drupal, or even something like Google sites. Our goal in this presentation was for people to learn about Sarah’s life. Omeka allows for categorizations while sites such as WordPress are easier but do not organize information as well.

Challenges of the site:

As we expected there were challenges with the site. We did have issues with making sure information was in the right place. We had other issues with making sure information was sourced properly and that it appeared on the public part of this website. However, we did well with collaborating on this and this site will set forth a platform for the future.

Goals reached:

In conclusion, the website has been a great success. Our goals of learning about Sarah and showing various audiences Sarah’s life was accomplished. Each part of Sarah’s life is detailed on this site in a fun user-friendly way that will pull in the reader wishing they could find even more. However, there is enough information for the reader to get a grasp on her life. Besides this many tools were successfully used which included:

1. Story map- shows where Sarah went and information in her life – is like a timeline.

2. Various exhibits that detail Sarah’s life and legacy.

3. Pictures or images that also detail the same topics.

4. Fun activities like a Wordle that takes information from a document (letters from men in William Sinfield's regiment) and makes it into a scrambled picture.

5. Most importantly, collections of documents throughout this website that make the viewer of this site embark on a journey as we did creating it.